Concrete Patio Leveling

Have you had enough of your sunken, uneven patio? Have you been searching for the best concrete patio leveling company in Hendersonville? We’re glad you’re here! USS is one of the leading names in concrete repair, and we can help you restore your patio to its original glory. Our Hendersonville concrete patio leveling service experts have got you covered! You deserve to have a safe and welcoming place to gather outdoors. Whether you’re grilling up a delicious meal, hosting a party, or spending time with your family. But if your patio is damaged, it can be dangerous to walk on and it can also reduce your home’s resale value. Thankfully, USS — an experienced lifting contractor in Hendersonville — has the experience and skill it takes to fix your concrete patio in a hassle-free, cost-effective way.

Concrete is a popular building material, especially for patios, but it is prone to settling over time. This is because of issues with the soil underneath the slab, not necessarily the concrete itself. As soils endure cycles of wet and dry weather, they expand and shrink. Enough of these cycles can lead to erosion, particularly if the soil wasn’t properly compacted first. Weak, airy soil cannot hold up a heavy concrete patio. Thankfully, USS has the solution! Our Polylift concrete repair method can restore your patio because it solves the problems in the underlying soil.


There are many reasons why our Hendersonville concrete patio leveling service company trusts the Polylift technique. The Polylift foam expands under the patio for an accurate lift and won’t wash away like soil. As one of the most trusted lifting contractors in Hendersonville, we use Polylift for much of our work because it is quick, effective, and provides lasting results. It’s also durable, environmentally safe, and dries fast — you can use your patio again in as little as 15 minutes after application. USS is a trusted name for polyurethane foam concrete leveling, and we’re here to serve you!

Do you need concrete patio leveling service for your Hendersonville home or property? Get in touch with us today for your free on-site assessment and get ready to finally enjoy your beautiful outdoor space again!