Sinkhole Repair in Hendersonville, TN

How large do you think a sinkhole might be? Maybe you imagine something small posing only a minor nuisance, or maybe you imagine one large enough that it could cause your entire house to collapse. In reality, both are possible. No matter the size, United Structural Systems has the expertise to fix sinkholes in Tennessee.

What is a Sinkhole?

To understand how a sinkhole forms, you must visualize a large rock beneath your home. Groundwater slowly erodes the rock as it flows over the rock’s surface. The rock can eventually disintegrate completely due to this erosion.

This leaves behind a large, empty space, or “void” when it happens. The soil above the rock is no longer supported. As a result, the soil will naturally collapse to fill the void below. This is a sinkhole.

How Do Sinkholes Form in Hendersonville, TN?

Tennessee’s majority rests on dolostone and easily dissolvable limestone. Sinkhole development is often triggered by heavy rainfalls and prolonged droughts. Poor grading can allow water into the subgrade. Sinkholes may also be formed if there are significant water leaks in the karst region. Our team of sinkhole repair experts serving Hendersonville has you covered if you find a sinkhole near your home.

Tennessee Sinkhole Repair Services: Sinkhole Inspection & Cost

Sinkhole Warning Signs

Look out for red flags if you are concerned about sinkholes in your yard. If you see new or irregular depressions in the yard, ground cracks, tilting trees, or fence posts, it could indicate that a sinkhole is forming.

A sinkhole could even be forming under your home if you notice cracks in the foundation or visible holes in the ground nearby. If you see any red flags, call our sinkhole repair service team in Hendersonville.

How We Repair Sinkholes

After we have completed a sinkhole inspection at your Hendersonville home. We then expose the sinkhole’s throat for repair, we first need to excavate. Next, we fill it with appropriate-sized stones and line the excavation using nongovernmental geotextile material.

We then backfill with #57 grade gravel to within a few feet of the surface. Next, we fold the geotextile fabric on top of the gravel and backfill with soil previously excavated. Finally, we may consider managing or redirecting any water sources away from the area.

This proven technique is known as an inverted cone filter repair. Our sinkhole inspection service specialists in Hendersonville have all the answers for you. Give us a call today.

Tennessee Sinkhole Repair Services: Sinkhole Inspection & Cost

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