Did you know expansive soil in the Huntsville area is one of the biggest threats to the foundations of homes and businesses? Our foundation repair team has seen the damage that soil can do, and we’re here to help you reinforce your home against this hazard with soil stabilization solutions from our Huntsville experts. Expansive, clay-rich soil can absorb a lot of water and place a great deal of inward pressure on your foundation walls.

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Foundation

Plumbing failures, flooding, snow, and rain can all cause the soil around your home to take on water. Expansive soil can swell in volume by as much as 10% or more, placing additional pressure against your foundation walls at an average of 20,000 pounds per square foot or more. This pressure, if you don’t have proper reinforcements in place, can cause the foundation and basement walls of your home to bulge, tilt, crack, or even collapse. This type of concrete damage can also leave your crawl space or basement vulnerable to water infiltration, pests, and more.

Expansive soil around your Huntsville foundation expands significantly as it soaks in water but shrinks as the water percolates away or evaporates. The shrinkage of the clay-heavy soil can be significant during dry seasons, and that natural expand-contract process will cause movement, and wear and tear on your foundation. The shrinkage will create air pockets and erosion, resulting in structural shifts. It’s important to protect your Huntsville home as it goes through these seasonal wet/dry cycles.

Vertical crack in brick

USS Can Help Reinforce Your Home Against Expansive Soil

The foundation experts at United Structural Systems can’t change the kind of soil your house sits on, but we can offer reliable, cost-effective soil stabilization solutions for your Huntsville home to protect the foundation and basement walls from the damaging effects of expansive soil. One of our foundation repair specialists will inspect your home and suggest the best options to restore future structural stability. The soil stabilization solutions for your Huntsville home’s foundation may include lifetime warrantied foundation piers designed specifically to provide reliable structural strength to the foundation of your home.

If you suspect damage to your foundation, don’t delay. The sooner you get these reinforcements in place the better. Reach out to United Structural Systems today and ask for your free inspection and estimate!

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