Human Resources Coordinator

Published On: October 28, 2022

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Reports to VP of Finance & HR

Overall Responsibilities

The HR Coordinator will be responsible for managing all aspects of human resources activities for USS.

They will manage and handle all worker’s compensation injuries and claims and assist the adjuster as needed in managing claims and the employee’s return to work.

They will be responsible for ensuring that USS and Titan Products is in compliance with all federal and state laws regarding all aspects of payroll and human resources.

Maintain DOT Driver files for all USS drivers and keep DOT medical cards up to date for all drivers.

Serve as the backup for weekly payroll if the Payroll Coordinator is out.

Detail Responsibilities

General Duties
  • Responsible for all aspects of HR over USS.
  • Manage and maintain all online job search sites with current ads as needed. Find other employment resources to obtain crew employees in all locations as needed.
  • Draft employment agreements for new hires as needs arise.
  • Post and communicate holiday notices to all employees as decisions are made by management.
  • Handle and process all employee payroll advances approved by management.
  • Keep all payroll and HR forms up to date and in compliance with all federal and state laws.
  • Assist in selecting electronic onboarding software and new timekeeping & attendance system for main office and satellite locations as they are established.
HR & Payroll Policies and Procedures
  • Keep all payroll and human resources policies and procedures up to date.
  • Assist in creating an Employee Manual for USS and Titan Products and update as needed.
  • In coordination with department heads, develop job descriptions for every position in USS
OSHA 300 reporting
  • Prepare OSHA 300 forms as injuries occur and prepare OSHA 300 annual reports and post required notices.
Worker’s Compensation
  • Manage and handle worker injuries and claims. Determine if claims will be filed with insurance carrier.
  • File claims online with insurance carrier.
  • Schedule doctor appointments as needed for claims not being run through insurance carrier.
  • Maintain workers compensation files.
  • Assist insurance adjuster as needed to manage claim and employee’s return to work.
  • Obtain all doctor visit notices from employee and determine work status, if light duty work is available, and when employee will return to work.
DOT Compliance issues
  • Ensure USS is in compliance with federal DOT driver rules and regulations.
  • Approve USS drivers based on driver MVR history.
  • Ensure DOT driver files are in compliance and up to date.
  • Complete yearly federal DOT information reporting and update MCS-150 yearly.
  • Obtain mileage driven by each vehicle monthly to assist in preparing yearly MCS-150 report.
  • Keep federal DOT Consortium information up to date.
  • Update USS Driver Policy as needed.
  • Arrange for DOT medical exams for employees approved to drive for USS and for expiring driver medical cards.
  • Update HRMS and Salesforce for DOT exams and driver’s license expiration dates.
  • Run bi-annual MVR searches for all employees on insurance driver list in January and July.
Temporary Agencies & Remote Workers
  • Find new temporary employment agencies in satellite cities as needs arise.
  • Implement onboarding procedures for employees in satellite offices who will be hired on to USS payroll.
  • Approve new hire moves to USS after successful completion of probationary period and request from Production Manager, based on employee’s medical status and any prior worker’s comp claims.
Drug Free Workplace
  • Ensure compliance with TN Drug Free Workplace guidelines.
  • Ensure Drug Free certifications are obtained from all employees.
  • Ensure all employees are viewing the Drug Free Workplace training video at or near hire.
  • Obtain yearly Drug Free Workplace Certification renewal from the State of TN.
401K Administration and Reporting
  • Assist with the administration of the 401K plan in conjunction with Qualified Retirement Solutions
Various HR Reporting
  • Ensure Annual IRS Form 5500 is prepared and filed as required.
  • Determine what EEOC Reporting is required and ensure compliance.
  • Run HRMS Reports to track the following and distribute the reports to the responsible party:
    • Driver’s license expiration
    • DOT Medical card expiration
    • Insurance eligibility dates
    • Annual performance reviews for office staff & crews
    • Monthly safety equipment distribution list
  • Manage and oversee all FMLA requests and situations with employees.
  • Prepare FMLA letters to employees on FMLA leave.
  • Manage their return-to-work status.
Insurance Benefits Administration
  • Work with the VP of Finance and HR to manage and coordinate all employee benefit programs and determine if there are other benefits that should be offered.
  • Work with benefit providers for open enrollment.
Safety Manual Revisions
  • Assist with revising the USS Safety Manual
  • Assist with revising the Titan Products Safety Manual.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA rules and regulations for USS and Titan Products, Inc.

Manage and ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations that affect payroll and human resources as changes occur and other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

B.S. degree in Human Resources, or related major, preferred

Human Resources experience 3+ years

Leadership experience 1+ years

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