Bowing Basement Wall Repair

It’s a nightmare scenario for homeowners – you find your foundation walls are suddenly tilting inward and bowing. This instantly makes you realize you have serious foundation issues. Don’t panic, call the top foundation company in Murfreesboro – United Structural Systems. We’ve done it all before and have a proven, professional method of repairing your bowing basement walls or any other foundation problems.

Tennessee Bowing Basement Wall Repair | Foundation Company

What Causes Bowing Basement Walls?

Bowing walls are caused by the effects of hydrostatic pressure. The soil around your basement walls expands when it is exposed to excessive moisture. It expands even further when it freezes. These external forces exert lateral pressure on your foundation walls and push them inward.

The main problem is that foundation walls are designed only to handle vertical loads and not pressure from the sides. They are simply not strong enough to withstand the extreme pressure from expanding soil.

Hydrostatic pressure is a powerful force that can tilt or bow foundation walls inwards if left unchecked. You could end up with your foundation walls collapsing if you don’t take action quickly.

How We Repair Bowing Walls

Our Murfreesboro foundation company installs a new support system to counteract the lateral pressure that can lead to foundation walls bowing. Our foundation experts use carbon fiber straps and steel I-beams to strengthen your home’s foundation. This will protect basement walls from bowing or tilting.

Our solutions are much less intrusive than wall anchors, and homeowners prefer our refined solutions. Foundation walls can be supported against lateral forces by our industry-leading professionals without affecting your home’s exterior.

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