Sandler Training JJ Ebarb Wins 2014 David Sandler Award

Tim Shaver and Associates, the Local Sandler Training franchisee, is proud to announce the winner of its 2014 David Sandler Award. An annual tradition, the David Sandler Award, recognizes one student who most exemplifies the excellence, dedication and courage of the late David Sandler. This year’s winner is JJ Ebarb of United Structural Systems in Pleasant View, TN.

David Sandler founded and created the Sandler Sales process and his namesake company starting in the late 1960”s. David created the Sandler process to help sales people to become more productive and effective and created the company to both teach this process and to help sales, and its sales people, become a respected career. Built on human relations with a strong emphasis on permission based interactions, Sandler Training has taught thousands of sales people that sales is an honorable profession with respect and excellence.

JJ Ebarb, Project Manager

JJ is a project manager for United Structural Systems, Inc., specializing in foundation repair and waterproofing. Sandler Training announced him as the 2014 winner of the “David Sandler Award.”

JJ Ebarb has shown this excellence and dedication to his career over the past year as he has completed his training with Sandler.

“JJ represents what David Sandler was trying these many years ago to create. An individual who brings respect to this profession by treating everyone with respect” Jim Holmes, President of Sandler Training Nashville, said.

United Structural Systems, Inc. is the oldest locally owned Nashville foundation repair company, and provides a variety of services to all of Middle Tennessee and parts of Southern Kentucky. USS has helped more than 11,000 residential and commercial customers with their foundation repair and waterproofing needs.

Quality, reputation and expertise are the guiding principles of the company and is taught to all team members. Because of its outstanding record for customer service, USS has been nominated for the Nashville BBB’s 2014 “Torch Awards” for ethical commerce. USS prides itself in providing consistent and top-quality customer service; from the first inquiry, to the last day of repair and beyond.

The local Sandler Training office is part of SSI’s network of over 250 trainers and consultants throughout the United States and 29 countries. Founded in 1967, The Sandler Sales Institute serves business of all sizes with short and long-term programs that offer continuous coaching, counseling and support for sales professionals. This novel philosophy of “reinforcement training” was developed by David Sandier, considered one of the most innovative sales trainers in America.

Programs include corporate training conducted on a company-by-company basis as well as general training that brings together business owners, managers and salespeople from a variety of industries at a central site. The curriculum combines instruction in gut-level selling and other fresh strategies for controlling a sale with strong emphasis on the psychology of sales, ranging from the use of reverse psychology to developing a successful sales personality.

The Nashville office is located at Two International Plaza, Suite 208, Nashville TN 37217 and can be reached at 615-399-8700.