Josh Seay, Thomas Towns and Scott Pulley installed micropiles on the The Land Trust for Tennessee's Glen Leven Farm. Take a video tour of the progress on the Glen Leven Farm Home Stabilization project. Watch USS Install Micropiles at Glen Leven Farm

United Structural Systems, Inc. was a part of the Glen Leven Farm Home Stabilization project. USS installed micropiles under the back porch of the Glen Leven home, to stabilize the porch against movement and sinking.

Micropiles can be used to provide additional foundation support for most structures. A micropile is made by drilling a hole into soil or rock, then a steel threaded reinforcing bar is installed in the hole. The micropiles are then grouted by back-filling the hole from the bottom with grout. Micropile’s ability to be installed in areas with little operating space makes them ideal for foundation stabilization and underpinning.

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