Crawl spaces and most basements in Pleasant View are composed of concrete and mortar, where most homes feature brick façades. With cracked brick, this can be a potential sign of water penetration and foundation issues. Having a proper brickwork repair can help protect the structural integrity as well as restoring the exterior of the home.

How can brick cracks be repaired?

If your home has crumbling brick, don’t fret. With crumbling brick repairs, it is important to address any underlying issues before attempting cosmetic repairs. Brick façades are when the brick itself is crumbling or cracking, which is potentially affected by water infiltration. This can be a sign of foundation issues that need to be addressed before any further repairs are made. When all underlying causes are resolved, our brick repair experts in Pleasant View will make your façade brand new. The method we use for all Pleasant View brick wall repairs and mortar restorations is called tuckpointing, described below.

What is Tuckpointing?

At USS, we use a technique called “tuckpointing” or “repointing”. After a home has fixed the foundation issues, it is necessary to replace any damaged mortar. Cosmetic patch-work over cracked bricks or splitting walls can cause a home to have water penetration, so it is important to use a technique that will truly resolve the issue that will last over time.

This technique is commonly used by masons to fill in the gaps between brick and mortar by precisely chiseling out the damaged area and adding new cement. Since the new material being filled in is color-coordinated to match brick, your repairs will look natural and seamless. With some worst-case scenarios, our Pleasant View tuckpointing experts will completely remove cracked bricks and replace them with brand new, matching bricks. By doing this, it not only restores the appearance of a foundation or façade, but it also will protect property from damaging elements.

Our Pleasant View tuckpointing services are included with foundation repair. Our number one priority is to provide our customers with long-lasting repairs and not waste your hard-earned money. If your home has cracking or other brick damage, contact our team at USS for a free evaluation!

Garage Lintel Restoration Service

Lintels that are located above a garage door can span up to 18 feet across, which makes them the longest in a house. They are typically made out of metal with a covering of exterior bricks. These long lintels are vulnerable to failure over time due to the amount of weight they have to hold above them. Some of the most common early signs of garage lintel failure are cracked exterior walls or bricks about the garage opening. Visible sagging of the lintel is the number one sign of damage and will need to be repaired to avoid further progression.

What causes a lintel to fail?

Some of the most common reasons for a lintel to fail are related to corrosion of the steel it was made with. When combined with the weight they have to carry, it can often lead to sagging. Over time, cracked bricks and exterior walls from the shifting of lintel will worsen.

How is garage lintel repair performed?

We are able to support the integrity of lintel, however, we may need to fully replace it depending on the amount of damage. Once we install support props, we can remove the bricks and mortar which will allow us to completely remove and replace the lintel. After the lintel replacements, the bricks and mortar will be replaced and the new fixture can sit out for 24 hours before the support props are taken out.

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