Crawl Space Encapsulation

Are you having problems with your crawl space? Have you noticed mildew or mold in your crawl space? You might have noticed a musty odor or have seen the issues spreading to other areas of your home.

If this is your situation, you should encapsulate and insulate the crawl space of your Pleasant View home immediately. United Structural Systems’ trusted experts know how to fix moisture problems under your home, and ensure that your crawl space stays dry.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

The best way to keep your crawl space dry is to prevent moisture from entering your home. As a shield for your crawl space’s interior, our crawl space encapsulation and insulation company in Pleasant View uses state-of-the-art vapor barriers and waterproofing materials. These superior products help seal off your crawl space and prevent moisture from entering.

When to Get Crawl Space Encapsulation

Watch out for signs of moisture buildup in your crawl space. Excessive condensation visible in walls, insulation, and ductwork signals moisture intrusion.

The organic materials used in the construction of your home are vulnerable to moisture damage. Although you might not see any damage or moisture during an inspection, it could easily seep into your home at any time. You should be alert for moldy or stale air as this could indicate that moisture damage may already have begun.

The Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

A vapor barrier installed in your crawl space can help improve the air quality throughout your home. You could see lower heating/cooling bills and a longer life span for your HVAC system.

Dry crawl spaces are essential for keeping your home’s important components, such as insulation and wood joists, safe from mold, rot, and decay.

Encapsulate Your Pleasant View, TN, Crawl Space Today

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