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Floor Support

The first thing you notice when you enter a house is its flooring. It can be a challenging situation if you find your floors aren’t level or even.

You may be wondering how the floors in your Pleasant View home became uneven to begin with. The experts at United Structural Systems have experience repairing uneven floors and other foundation settlement problems, and can ensure your floors remain level in the future.

Why Your Floors Are Uneven

Uneven floors in your Pleasant View home could be a sign that the building’s structural integrity is at risk. Although it may not seem like a big deal, this could be an indication that there has been foundation settlement since your home was built, and your floors aren’t receiving the support they require.


Moisture is a major factor in floor support health. Moisture issues are common in spaces below ground, such as crawl spaces and basements. If enough moisture is allowed to get into these spaces, it can lead to water damage, wood rot and mold, as well as floor support joists that are compromised.

Pest Infestation

Because wood-eating insects are attracted to moisture, they can find their way into your crawl space or basement and start to nest. They will stay close to moisture sources and will feed on your support beams or joists, exacerbating any existing foundation settlement in your Pleasant View home.

Settling Soil

In the unique substrata of Pleasant View, TN, foundation settlement can cause your home’s structure to shift, which creates a host of issues throughout your house. With the movement caused by this settling and shifting, walls and support beams can pull apart or compress. Your home can become uneven from the floor to the roof. Our team can repair your shifting foundation, which will allow us to effectively level the floors.

United Structural Systems Can Fix Your Floors

These structural issues are something we see every day at United Structural Systems in homes just like yours. We have learned that the longer you delay fixing the problem, the more serious it can become. If you wait too long to hire a qualified uneven floor repair company in Pleasant View, TN, your support system may become structurally unstable and can lead to the floor collapsing.

Free Estimates on Floor Support in Pleasant View, TN

It’s important to address floor support issues in your home before it becomes too late to repair damage from foundation settlement. Pleasant View’s top uneven floor repair company is here to help. Contact United Structural Systems for a free estimate today.