Pier Systems for Foundation Repairs in Pleasant View

Dealing with foundation damage in your home or business can be stressful and expensive, but you are in good hands with United Structural Systems! We’ve been restoring and repairing concrete foundations in Pleasant View for nearly 30 years, and our specialists have helped people like you restore their properties to optimal stability. If you have noticed that your foundation is sinking, cracking, bowing, or anything else, you’ve come to the right place. We work with the best products and foundation repair methods available in Pleasant View, including helical and push pier systems, and can recommend the best ones for you. Foundation piers are a time-tested solution for many different structural problems, as well as the construction of new foundations.

Out of all the options for concrete foundation repair in Pleasant View, helical piers and push piers are some of the most durable and cost-effective solutions. Foundation piers are essentially long metal shafts advanced into the soil using machinery. They are usually called for in situations where a foundation is surrounded by loosely compacted soil that has settled over time, causing the foundation to shift and become damaged. By reaching deep, load-bearing soils below the foundation, and distributing the weight of your foundation evenly across this more stable soil, piers can permanently re-anchor your structure. The piers are attached to your home or commercial building via brackets and are precisely arranged for optimal load integrity. Pleasant View’s concrete foundation repair experts at USS can tell you if your property will benefit from a pier system.

The USS foundation repair team uses two main pier styles:

  • Helical piers—these resemble large screws; they are long metal shafts with helical plates around them and are rotated into the ground.
  • Push piers—these resemble large nails, as they are straight, smooth metal shafts. These are pushed directly into the ground.

Every property is unique, so we take the time to customize our foundation pier system for each property. USS has decades of experience in this area, and we can recommend the ideal pier arrangement for you. We know you’ll be happy with our workmanship and our friendly customer care.

Pleasant View TN Concrete Pier Foundation Repair | Push & Helical Piers

If you have questions about helical or push pier systems to repair the concrete foundation at your Pleasant View home, or to schedule your free on-site inspection, reach out to USS today!

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