Uneven Concrete

Pool Deck Lifting/Leveling

When you look out over your pool, do you notice uneven areas in the deck? Are you tired of tripping over sunken concrete? It’s time to call USS Nashville for pool deck lifting and repair. It’s very common for concrete pool decks to sink and settle over time, and this is due to how the pool area was constructed. When putting in a pool, contractors must excavate a great deal of soil, and must put some of it back at the end of the project. Your concrete pool deck is then poured over this loose backfill soil which lacks the load-bearing compactness of virgin soil. Over the months or years the concrete sinks, often unevenly, leading to a potentially dangerous surface.

You want to make the most out of your pool area, and feel secure when your children or guests enjoy the pool. That’s where our Nashville pool deck repair and lifting experts come in. United Structural Systems is a local leader for concrete lifting, and we can get your pool deck back to its original position without the need for massive demolition. We confidently use the Polylift technique, which involves a lightweight polyurethane foam injected underneath the concrete slabs. As the foam expands, it accurately lifts the deck back into place to create a smooth surface and restore proper grading for drainage. With the help of USS Nashville’s expert pool deck repair and lifting team, you can regain your peace of mind when entertaining outdoors! 

Reliable Pool Deck Repair

For nearly 30 years, USS has been the go-to name for concrete and foundation repair throughout Tennessee. You are always in expert hands with us. One of our experienced pool deck lifting technicians can inspect your property to determine whether your project is a match for Polylift concrete leveling. You could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars and a great deal of time over the life of your pool by choosing Polylift.

Let’s lift your pool deck up where it’s supposed to be! Get in touch with the concrete patio leveling experts at USS Nashville today, and ask for your Free Inspection and Repair Estimate.