Al Cocorochio – Ashland City, TN

USS Tiffany Orth by , Marketing Manager

I had USS to my house today to give an estimate on having sone foundation work done. They called me to let me know who was coming and a photo of the person coming with date and time. I got a call from Chad who works for USS to see if he could come a little earlier which was no problem for me. He got to my house on time. He was so nice and explained a lot to me. He went of his way to show me everything that was happening. Anyways, I was expecting him to tell me that it was going to cost me thousands of dollars and it had to be fixed right away. I am 77 years old and a Marine Corps Veteran and when he told me that everything was okay and there wasn’t any sign of anything bad happening, I was so relieved. I will highly recommend USS. Thank you Chad for being such an honest man.

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