Since its incorporation in 1969, Brentwood has experienced a series of housing booms that has turned what was once sparsely populated tobacco farmland into one of Nashville’s most desirable suburbs. Older homes in the area sometimes suffer from foundation issues and the hilly terrain can lead to water rushing into and through homes.

Brentwood’s Steep Slopes

Brentwood is known for its rolling hills, ridges, and narrow valleys, along with its strong brown clay soil, which makes it highly suited for residential development. While this topography generally means well-draining topsoil, the contoured terrain can also direct water toward homes during the rainy season if drainage isn’t properly managed, leading to moisture retention issues and eventual problems such as water in the basement and sinking foundations.

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Our Work in Brentwood

Brentwood has ten times as many residents today as it did in 1970 and welcomes roughly 250 new homes each year. With this constantly evolving landscape, some homes incur foundation and flooding issues. When that happens, we’re happy to help, providing our trusted foundation repair, pier systems, drain installation, sump pumps, and waterproofing services to the residents of Brentwood neighborhoods such as Annandale, Bonbrook, Glenellen, Highland Park, Northumberland, Weatherbrooke, and Willowmet.

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Photo Credit: Ravenswood Mansion by Brent Moore