The ground beneath many homes in Clarksville and surrounding Montgomery County has several features that make them vulnerable to foundation cracks and water penetration at some point in their lives: clayey soil, underground caves, and deep bedrock that is usually more than 10 feet below the surface.

Deep Foundation Piering

Because the bedrock in the Clarksville area lies far underground, many foundation repair projects require extra-long piers — the point of resistance can be as deep as 60 feet in some areas of the city. Piers installed in different parts of the same foundation can even require dramatically different depths to reach bedrock since the area is also subject to underground caves and sinkholes. When restoring foundations with piers, it’s important to ground them properly and to use enough of them to truly support the structure.

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Our Work in Clarksville

We’ve repaired plenty of foundations and concrete patios all over Clarksville — from Sango in the south to Fort Campbell in the north — and between Nashville and Clarksville off of I-24 and the old Route 12, including Ashland City. Unfortunately, the clayey soil found along the Cumberland River, coupled with the region’s underground caves, causes many homes and concrete walkways in the area to sink at some point in their lives. Fortunately, these issues can be corrected with foundation repair and concrete leveling.

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