With Old Hickory Lake and the Cumberland River at its heart, Hendersonville has a high water table, which can lead to excessive soil moisture, water penetration, and sinking foundations. To correct these issues, many homeowners in the area find they need waterproofing and foundation repair. Hendersonville is known for settling foundations but doesn’t worry there is a fix for that. Give United Structural Systems a call and we will come to take a look and come up with a plan to fix your foundation.

Lakeside Structural Issues

The soil around lakes and rivers generally have a high proportion of sand, silt, and clay and are saturated with water. Existing in a semi-liquid state, it can shift and damage the foundations of any houses resting on top of it. When you live on or near a body of water, you will most likely need an experienced Hendersonville foundation repair company like United Structural Systems to ensure that your foundation is supported by bedrock. Basement waterproofing will also protect your home’s integrity for years to come.

Waterproofing in Hendersonville

Whether you’ve had an inspection and know your foundation is on good footing or if you’ve gone through the process of having foundation repair performed and want to ensure your investment is protected well into the future, we recommend our waterproofing services to Hendersonville residents to head off the high likelihood of water infiltration that comes with living near the water. We have options for exterior or interior basement drainage systems and our experts can assess your home and basement in order to determine the best choice for you. If you don’t have a basement, consider crawl space encapsulation to keep the space beneath your floors dry and healthy. Crawl space encapsulation, in addition to waterproofing, creates a perfect storage space where you can trust your items will not be ruined by water or pests.

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Our Work in Hendersonville

We frequently get calls for waterproofing, concrete, and foundation repair in Hendersonville — including the Avondale, Rockland, Saundersville, and Shackle Island neighborhoods — and have worked on homes ranging from lakeside properties that were built in the 1960s, to more modern homes along the Vietnam Veterans’ Boulevard. We have also helped restore mid-century ranch houses in nearby Gallatin, where many older homes are in need of repairs starting from the ground up.

Foundation Repair in Hendersonville

United Structural Systems, Inc located in Hendersonville, is the best foundation repair company in Tennessee. We offer a variety of services to residents in and around Hendersonville including concrete leveling, sinkhole repairs, patio leveling, brick repairs, and vapor barriers. United Structural Systems, Inc. provides assistance in all of Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama.

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Photo Credit: Drakes Creek Park by Brent Moore