There are no shortage of ways for water to end up in your basement, especially in humid climates like the one in Murfreesboro. Water can leak in from the ground during heavy rains that saturate your soils, it can come from plumbing floods, or it can come in through leaking windows or any other unsealed portion of your basement.

Causes of Water in Basements

Before we start waterproofing, first we must understand where the water in your basement is coming from. There are many causes of water in basements, but in Murfreesboro we see a few problems crop up more often than others. The good news is we have solutions to all of the different causes of water in basements.

Inadequate drainage or improperly installed drainage systems

A lack of proper drainage around your home means the water that falls into your yard stays there, seeping down into the ground where it may not be causing unsightly puddles, but it is causing damage to your foundation. Poorly maintained gutters fit into this category as a gutter cannot do its job of capturing and redirecting water away from your home if it is not installed and maintained properly. A high concentration of water in the soil can lead to…

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is created when the soil around your foundation is so saturated with water that the force of gravity is causing the water to push hard against anything in its way – for instance, your basement walls. Water weighs a little more than 60 pounds per cubic foot, meaning saturated soil around your home could lead to thousands upon thousands of pounds of water pressure intent on making its way through your underground basement walls. The Grand Canyon stands as evidence of how determined the flow of water can be, which is why you need basement waterproofing to protect against hydrostatic pressure.

Our Solutions for Basement Waterproofing

USS has services that solve the issues of poor drainage and hydrostatic pressure, but we go further than that. Our solutions can mend foundation and basement wall cracks, incorrect slope or grading of your yard, and condensation that can all lead to a flooded basement. We will assess your home, basement, and yard to figure out what is causing the water to infiltrate and then we will come up with the personalized basement waterproofing solution suited best to your situation, whether that is basement encapsulation or the installation of interior or exterior drainage.

Crawl space encapsulation

Don’t have a basement? Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your home is immune to the risks posed by water. If you don’t have a basement, you do have a crawl space and the crawl space is just as susceptible to water damage that can lead to greater problems down the road. We can seal off your crawl space with encapsulation that will create a dry and controlled environment immune to mold, rot, and water.

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