Because so many of the gorgeous homes in Murfreesboro feature brick facades, USS has become an expert at brick and mortar work. If you have cracked bricks it can be a signal of bigger problems with your foundation or water penetration into your walls.

Our Brick Repair Process

If you do have cracked bricks, first we will assess whether or not it is being caused by larger foundation problems that would need to be addressed before the brick repair is undertaken. As the brick facade is an aesthetic element of your home rather than a structural one, if we were to neglect the underlying issue causing the bricks to crack they will only become damaged again. Once we restore the integrity of your home’s structure to 100%, we will begin tuckpointing your bricks.

What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the process by which we chisel out existing mortar and add new cement between your bricks. If necessary, during tuckpointing is when damaged or cracked bricks are removed and replaced with undamaged bricks. New bricks and mortar restores the aesthetics of your brick facade and protects your home from the weather. At USS, tuckpointing is not a standalone service – we will only perform tuckpointing with foundation repair services so that we can ensure the problem is actually being solved rather than covered up.

Garage Lintel Repair Service

The lintel is the horizontal support across any door or window. The lintel above your garage door is the most vulnerable to damage due to the fact that it is most often going to be the longest lintel in your home with the most weight to support. If you have cracked bricks or exterior walls around your garage door, have our experts evaluate your need for lintel repair. To learn more about these services, click here.

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