Homes in the ‘Boro are an eclectic mix of new construction and elegant older homes and – thanks to the mix of soils from the Highland Rim, surrounding farmland, and the river nearby – they are all susceptible to some kind of foundation damage. Many of the older homes in the city center around MTSU, while extremely well-built, are still sitting on foundations that have weathered decades of seasonal moisture changes that weaken surrounding soils and leave them unable to support the weight of the home, instead transferring that weight directly to your foundation walls. And newer development on both sides of I-24 has been constructed on farmland, thereby leaving them susceptible to foundation cracks and water penetration due to the imminent changes that occur in farmland soil.

Signs of Foundation Damage

There are a variety of ways your home shows you it is suffering from foundation damage that needs attention. Normal foundation settlement happens in all homes and is generally imperceptible. If you start to notice symptoms it is a sign that your home has gone beyond the normal amount of settlement and is undergoing foundation problems.

Standing water in crawl spaces and basements

While there are many ways water can end up in your crawl space or basement, such as plumbing floods, if you know your pipes are solid chances are the water is coming in through cracks or fissures in your foundation.

Sticking doors and windows that stick

Normal settlement of a foundation does not cause your doors and windows to stop functioning the way they did when new. If your doors aren’t closing properly or your windows don’t want to open or close with the ease you’re used to, chances are there is some foundation damage that needs addressed.

Cracks and other wall blemishes

Has a crack appeared in your painted wall? What about bulges or bubbles underneath your wallpaper? None of this is normal and it all points to the need for an evaluation of your foundation so we can find the foundation repair solutions for you.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation damage and other support issues come from many causes and have many different solutions. Our foundation experts will go through a FREE inspection to determine what your home is suffering from and what solutions would be best for you. From installing more posts underneath your house to installing deep piering systems and more, USS is Murfreesboro’s choice for foundation repair.

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