Kentucky is famous for its caves and Logan, Simpson, Trigg, Christian and Warren counties are no exception. Many of the larger caverns continue in miniature below ground, giving the region’s soil a certain degree of instability that can lead to unpredictable drainage, foundation problems, and uneven concrete patios, slabs, and walkways.

Building Above Underground Caves

Much of Southern Kentucky rests on limestone bedrock, which has a tendency to dissolve over time, producing underground caves. If one of these tunnels collapses — usually due to extreme shifts in ground moisture — sinking will occur on the surface, at worst resulting in sudden sinkholes. However, far more common are smaller shifts in the soil, which can cause a home to settle unevenly or a concrete surface to tip or crack. These cracks can lead to the need for foundation repair or waterproofing in Southern Kentucky.

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Waterproofing in Southern Kentucky

Living in Southern Kentucky means dealing with humidity and moisture. United Structural Systems, Inc. is your expert at making sure you don’t have to worry about that moisture in your basement or under your home from Bowling Green to Logan, Simpson, Trigg, Christian, and Warren counties, and beyond. We know what causes water in your basement and have the methods for permanently waterproofing your home. When it comes to waterproofing in Southern Kentucky, we’ve got you covered.

Our Work in Southern Kentucky

We provide foundation repair and waterproofing services to Kentucky homeowners in Bowling Green, Russellville, Hopkinsville and surrounding cities. In our book, any structure that needs foundation repair deserves our best. That includes residences in Southern Kentucky, as well as Mammoth Cave National Park, where we recently restored the main elevator shaft.

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Photo Credit: Nardella Photos