Bowling Green Home Drainage & Water Mitigation System

Welcome to USS, your local leaders for home drainage and water mitigation systems in Bowling Green. For nearly 30 years our team of foundation and basement professionals has helped homeowners like you protect your investment from the threat of moisture. Water is one of the biggest hazards to any home and can do extensive damage in a short amount of time. If water invades your basement or crawl space you could be left with thousands of dollars in losses as well as the potential for mold growth, wood rot, and more. Thankfully, you can count on us for reliable and professional drain installation services, water mitigation systems, and home waterproofing. Our contractors in Bowling Green will give you a high quality assessment

Waterproofing for Water Damage Prevention

When it comes to water damage, prevention is key. Instead of waiting until you’ve suffered from water intrusion at your home’s foundation, why not invest in a waterproofing strategy now? USS is proud to provide high quality water mitigation systems and home waterproofing contractors in Bowling Green. We  can recommend the best course of action for your unique needs. We offer many different options that we can tailor to your home including interior drain tiles/French drains, which differ from the standard trench drain, and sump pumps. No matter what type of drainage you decide to go with, you can trust our team of Bowling Green drainage specialists to install it correctly. Capturing and moving water isn’t something to take lightly- the health of your home depends on it!

Drain Tiles

Many of our drain installation services focus on the basement, as this is a major area where moisture accumulates. One of our popular options is drain tiles, sometimes called French drains, which capture groundwater and move it out before it can cause harm to your home. These are typically installed around the perimeter of your basement, and funnel water towards your sump pump. It’s important to not attempt this type of project yourself- let our drainage experts handle it instead! 

Ready to safeguard your Bowling Green home  with a water mitigation system and home waterproofing contractor? Get in touch with USS today and ask for your free inspection!