Steel Push Piers: A Permanent and Effective Foundation Repair Solution

When it comes to underpinning your foundation to stop damage from occurring and stabilize your home into the future, there simply is no better push pier system than steel push piers. It is a tested and proven method of foundation repair and it is why steel push pier installation is our favorite method to use for Nashville properties.

What is a steel push pier?

One of the most used foundation repair products, steel push piers are relatively slim lengths of steel or steel alloy that can reach the solid bedrock beneath your home in order to find load-bearing strata to properly support your foundation. The size of the pier and the use of friction reduction materials reduces the skin friction – or soil drag – on the pier as it is driven into the soil. Steel piers are able to be load-tested to ensure they have hit the bedrock.

How is our steel push pier installation performed?

It is surprisingly quick to install steel push piers. Often the work can be completed in just a couple of days. First, some excavation must be done around the foundation, then foundation brackets are mounted for the push pier system. At that point, we are able to drive the steel push piers deep into the earth until they reach solid support and we can transfer the weight of your structure onto the steel piers.

What does our Nashville steel push pier installations cost?

Because we are so sure of our work when it comes to installing steel push piers, we guarantee our work and don’t mind saying upfront that steel push piers are not the cheapest method for foundation repair – they’re the best method. Instead of spending money over and over again on less permanent, less-effective “solutions,” you will find it is more economical to invest in installing a permanent, reliable solution. The cost will depend upon how many piers are needed, so the best way to find out how much it would cost for push pier installation is to contact us for a FREE estimate.

Advantages of Steel Piers

All in all, at USS TN we have found that there are many distinct advantages to the utilization of steel push piers for a foundation repair solution in Nashville. Some of those advantages include:

  • Incredible load-bearing capacity – the robust strength of steel and the depth steel piers can reach into the bedrock lends them unmatched ability to support the full weight of your home
  • Installation flexibility – steel piers can be installed either inside or outside of a structure depending upon the particular needs of any given situation
  • Clean installation – we can install steel piers without destroying all the landscaping you’ve worked so hard on because we only need to excavate a minimal amount of dirt compared to other methods of foundation repair
  • Proven by science – steel piers are able to be field-tested with every installation which means there is simply no question you will be getting an effective Nashville foundation repair solution

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