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0719, 2021

Four New Promotions

By |July 19, 2021|News|

We have FOUR new promotions to announce in the USS family! Congratulations to Shannon (Smith) Carter on being promoted to Grandmother just in time for her recent birthday! Congratulations to her daughter Cara Crawford on being promoted to Mommy! Welcome to the family baby Justus! Last but [...]

1231, 2019

Go Behind the Scenes at USS

By |December 31, 2019|Concrete Leveling, Foundation Repair, Waterproofing|

From the moment the lights turn on, the passion for what we do and the focus on serving homeowners across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky is at the heart of USS and what makes our team unique. Take a behind the scenes look at United Structural Systems, [...]

086, 2019

How To: Check your home’s foundation

By |August 6, 2019|Foundation Repair|

As years pass, your home's foundation is likely to shift. While some change is acceptable and normal, drastic shifting or settling over short periods of time may indicate a problem. The best way to identify problems is through regular walkthroughs in and around your home. Foundation Check-Up [...]

0219, 2019

Waterproofing 101: Homeowner’s Guide [Infographic]

By |February 19, 2019|Waterproofing|

Today's Forecast: More Rain! Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky have experienced heavy rains to start the year, with more to come. As rainfall continues, many homeowners are discovering flooded basements or crawl spaces and are asking: "How is the water getting in?" "What can we do to [...]

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