All foundations move over time. Problems arise when some parts of your foundation shift — via sinking or lateral movement — while others don’t. This differential settlement can lead to foundation cracks and other issues that require foundation repair. Read on to discover more about how to spot the signs of foundation damage and how our Nashville foundation service experts can perform crack repairs and leveling services that will waterproof your foundation and protect it into the future.


I’m Rob Myers, a Senior Project Manager with United Structural Systems. Today I would like to discuss two types of settlement that can occur with your home.

The first type of settlement is commonly referred to as normal settlement. Almost every structure will experience normal settlement after construction. With this type, the structure settles at a normal or uniform rate. The structure remains level with no cracks in the drywall or brick veneer.

The second type of settlement is referred to as differential. Differential settlement can occur at any time during the life of the structure. This settlement occurs when a portion of the structure settles at a different rate. Differential settlement can cause foundation failure. Cracks in the brick veneer or foundation walls are the most common signs of differential settlement.

If you have noticed cracked brick or cracks in your foundation walls of your home, please contact USS for a free evaluation and estimate. We guarantee our best … Call USS!

Does Your Home Need Foundation Repair?

There are several symptoms that may indicate your home needs foundation repair. Common problems include cracked foundation blocks and bricks, horizontal cracks in basement walls, and wall separation from windows and door frames.

Homes can also be plagued by other, less dramatic support issues such as too-few columns in crawl spaces or basements. These problems are signaled by uneven flooring, drywall cracks, and sticking doors. They can typically be addressed by installing more posts underneath the house, and certain foundation and basement stabilization techniques.

Our Nashville foundation services include solutions for cracks in a foundation and uneven flooring. These problems are pretty easily related back to foundation repair needs. However, there are other warning signs that you might not think about when considering whether you need foundation repair services. These can include the following:

 Standing Water in Crawl Space/ Standing Water in Basement

Standing water in your home’s basement or crawl space means that water is penetrating your foundation. This happens when there are cracks or fissures the water can seep through. The problem can be exacerbated by poor drainage around your home.

Sticking Doors or Windows Sticking

If you have begun to notice your doors and windows aren’t functioning as they used to, it points to a foundation issue. Maybe your doors aren’t opening easily or you see a gap between the door and the frame of the door when it’s closed. The same can happen to windows which can become a challenge to open and close.

Cracks in Walls or Other Blemishes

While fading wallpaper may be a normal sign of your home aging, bulges or bumps under the wallpaper are not. The same goes for cracks that appear in painted walls. These are all signs that there are foundation issues that you will want to get repaired.


Foundation Repair Methods

Our Nashville home foundation repair services often involve stabilizing your foundation from further movement. United Structural Systems achieves structural stability by using a number of home foundation repair systems, depending on what sort of shifting your property is experiencing. For more information on our foundation repair methods, view our page about foundation repair in Tennessee.

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Foundation Repair Costs photo

Foundation Repair Costs

Your house likely represents your greatest financial asset so it is important to view foundation repair as an investment in your property. Not only will it improve the quality of your home and your life while you live there, it will also preserve your house’s value for resale, in the event that you ever decide to move.

Foundation repair costs can vary depending on the kind of attention your foundation needs. The experts at United Structural Systems of Tennessee work to make sure that your home gets the specific attention and services it requires. The cost of your foundation repair should ensure lasting safety and stability.

At USS, we aim to make your foundation repair a success. That is why we guarantee the work we do on your foundation walls with no-hassle, lifetime warranties. The warranty would even transfer to the new owner in the event of a sale. That’s how fully we stand behind our work. Don’t go another day with cracks in your foundation, call us today for exceptional Nashville foundation repair services!

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