Signs of foundation problems include cracked bricks, cracked drywall, bowing basement walls, sloped ground floors, and sticking doors and windows. These problems arise when the ground beneath your home shifts.

Soil movement can be due to dramatic events such as sinkholes (an increasingly common phenomenon in Tennessee) or mundane causes like the expansion and contraction of the earth, which occurs as moisture levels change. If you’re experiencing home foundation problems and are in need of basement stabilization or other home repairs, give United Structural Systems a call today!

Cracked Foundation Symptoms

As it settles, your home can experience a number of different types of cracks in its walls, steps, and around windows and doors. Many of these cracks do not indicate foundation problems, such as hairline cracks or vertical wall cracks (although they do invite water into your home). Cracks in foundation blocks or bricks — especially cracks following a “stair-step” pattern — are almost definite signs that there are foundation problems, and basement stabilization services might be appropriate. Drywall cracks may also be evidence of foundation problems as well, but are not a definite indication. Separation around window and doorframes and horizontal cracks along basement walls should also be checked.

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Other Foundation Problems

Cracks aren’t the only signs of foundation problems. Sloping ground floors and sticking doors may indicate that your home isn’t in sync with its foundation.

While these issues sometimes call for exterior foundation repair work, more often than not they are caused by inadequate support. This can be addressed by adding buttressing columns. We prefer to use adjustable jack posts because floors are liable to settle again over time. The posts we install come with 5 years of free calibration.

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