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Foundation Repair & Waterproofing FAQ

Have questions about our foundation repair and waterproofing services in Nashville? You're not alone. Here are some we get quite often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home foundation repair estimates are free for the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced project manager to review your home’s needs.

Because each home’s needs are unique, an experienced project manager will visit your home to determine the scope of work needed. If work ends up being needed, they will tell you how much is required. They will provide you with a repair plan that includes associated costs based on their observations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

At USS, we are committed to making the process of repairing your home as convenient, affordable, and as painless as possible from start to finish. We understand that sometimes home repairs are an unplanned expense, and funding these expenses can be a challenge. That is why we offer a number of different payment options to help make the payment for your home and foundation repairs convenient and painless, too.
We accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks. We will also work with you during real estate transactions and insurance claims.
If you are interested in obtaining financing to fund your project, we have options available through EnerBank. The process is simple: One no-hassle phone call with loan approval in minutes! Feel free to contact your project manager or call the office at 615-227-2275 for more information
USS has proudly served Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky since 1994.

No. USS is locally owned and operated by president Chris Smith, founder Mike Smith, and co-owners Kenny Williams and Shannon Carter.

From the moment you call, you’re in the hands of a friendly, supportive and caring team. Our experienced staff — from the customer service representatives to the project foremen — will help you navigate the foundation repair or basement waterproofing process. Put faces to names by meeting our team!

United Structural Systems, Inc. is centrally located in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Pleasant View is approximately 20 miles north of Nashville and 20 miles south of Clarksville.

Shifting soil that swells when saturated with water then shrinks again when dry is the main culprit of foundation damage. The movement of the soil creates voids beneath your foundation, allowing for uneven settlement.

We understand the geology of our region and we know the steel push pier system for underpinning is extremely successful for stabilization and reaching bedrock. Learn more about our foundation repair process.

When you hire our Nashville team for foundation repair services, we strive for maximum closure, and the project foremen will stabilize the foundation to prevent further settlement. Cosmetic repair (remortaring/caulking) may be necessary and we will let you know if that is required.

Although the earth’s movement below your house cannot be predicted, our stabilization system can! USS warrants the stability of foundation repair work for the lifetime of the structure. If you have questions about our warranties, please call us at 615-227-2275.

For foundation repair, you will not need to relocate or move anything inside your home. For basement waterproofing, some items may need to be moved out of the repair area. Your Project Manager will inform you of any potential issues. Keep in mind there might be noise as repairs may require the use of light and/or heavy machinery.

Water usually gets into your basement through small cracks that begin to occur in your foundation walls when your home has suffered foundation damage. Sometimes these leaks can come through gaps left during construction, but most often water in the basement is a symptom of foundation trouble.

The most obvious sign that you need basement waterproofing is a flooded basement. However, there can be smaller signs to let you know there is a leak before it becomes a full flood. If you see water puddles on the floor, water stains on the floor or walls, condensation on windows or doors, swelling or warped doors, or mold, it’s a good sign you need waterproofing. A musty smell that won’t go away is another sign.

Yes, most experts agree that waterproofing your basement is a great investment into your home’s value. Waterproofing your basement creates a livable space, which increases its value.

There are factors that make each job unique for our Nashville-based waterproofing company, so there is no set cost for waterproofing services. We provide free estimates. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Project Managers who will give you more specific information on waterproofing costs.

All of our foundation wall repairs and interior drain systems come with a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Our preferred method of waterproofing basements is to install either an interior or exterior drain system. A Project Manager can review your home’s needs to determine system is best for you.

All basements are different and therefore all basement waterproofing installations are different. Usually, we are able to complete our work in less than a day, but there could always be exceptions to this. When you get a free estimate from one of our experienced Project Managers, they will give you a better idea of how long it will take to waterproof your basement.

Investing in waterproofing is an important way to add value to your home. It protects not just the basement itself, but your entire home from the structural damages than can occur if water is allowed to infiltrate for too long.

We have a lot of experience! With more than 20,000 customers served throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we’re experts at spotting the source of problems.

Any water getting into your basement is serious. It means there is a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed. If left untreated, these water issues can cause serious structural damage to your entire home.

If your home is already equipped with a sump pump, the best way you can keep water out of your basement on your own is to ensure it is functioning properly at all times. Sump pumps can be tested by dumping buckets of water into the sump pit until the pump is triggered to start. Unless you’re very handy around the house, additional waterproofing measures should be left to the professionals.

During your appointment, an experienced Project Manager will come and take a look at your basement and around your home’s foundation. They will look for signs of damage and water infiltration in order to pinpoint areas of concern and determine the best course of action for remediating any problems.

If you can rule out plumbing floods, chances are your leak is caused by a structural problem. However, the best way to find out for sure what is causing your leak is to schedule an appointment with one of our Project Managers. Our Project Managers are the most experienced with the various ways water finds its way into basements.

At USS, we don’t leave any job half-finished. Our basement waterproofing solutions are designed to waterproof your entire basement so you won’t have to worry about leaks or flooding in the future.

A wet crawl space can cause a variety of problems for your entire home. Damp environments are where pests and mold thrive. Wet crawl spaces also smell bad, and that musty air will leak into the rest of your house. Finally, wet crawl spaces can lead to structural damage.

Crawl space encapsulation is a method of waterproofing your crawl space and controlling its humidity. The entire crawl space is sealed with a vapor barrier and generally, a dehumidifier is placed to maintain optimal humidity levels.

A dehumidifier alone will not be enough to stand against a crawl space with active leaks or with bare floors that allow water to infiltrate from below. Dehumidifiers are an effective part of any encapsulation system.

One of the key signs of issues in your crawl space is a musty odor that simply will not go away. Other signs to look for include pests, higher utility bills, mold, or structural damage to the wood in your crawl space. Nervous about entering your crawl space? If you suspect issues with your crawl space, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll come take a look!

Most crawl spaces have bare floors that do nothing to prevent water infiltration from the ground below. Leaks can also form in the walls if there are foundation problems. Due to the unfinished nature of most crawl spaces, it does not even take foundation damage to lead to leaks.

As with most of the work we do, it will entirely depend upon your unique crawl space situation. Usually, we can complete crawl space encapsulation within a day.

We install drainage systems to divert any incoming groundwater if needed. Then we use thin plastic sheets to seal the crawl space from the soil. We fill any existing gaps and seal vents with spray foam and caulk if needed, then we install a dehumidifier.

During your crawl space appointment, one of our Project Managers will discuss the issues you’re having. Next, they will review both the interior and exterior of your crawl space. Afterward, they will bring their findings to you to discuss the next steps in the repair plan recommendations.

It depends on your crawl space’s needs. Our crawl space encapsulation services generally include installing a drainage system to divert groundwater, sealing with 12-mm thick plastic sheets in conjunction with spray foam and caulk, and then installing a dehumidifier.

Crawl space vent covers seal the vent to prevent outside air from infiltrating.

Installing crawl space insulation is a good way to make your home perform more efficiently. However, we do not recommend installing insulation into a crawl space with water problems as the insulation can get wet and then rot. Insulating in addition to encapsulation is a great idea to save money on your utilities.

We offer no-hassle lifetime warranties on all of our interior drainage and foundation wall repair work. These warranties are also transferrable when you sell your home.

Usually yes, it is going to be safe for you to remain in a house while you determine what to do about foundation problems. However, if your foundation is severely damaged, there is a small chance your entire home could collapse so we do not recommend ever just ignoring a cracked foundation. Call our experts to review the damage and make sure you and your family are safe.

We are experts at repairing all kinds of foundation problems. From foundation cracks to major push pier installations, we have corrected thousands of foundations throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

All foundation repair situations are unique. Until we look at your particular home’s foundation and know exactly what repair is needed, we cannot know for sure how long your foundation repair will take. Generally, foundation repair can be completed in just a few days.

Each foundation repair situation is unique. We cannot know exactly what your costs will be until one of our experienced Project Managers takes a look at your foundation. Different problems require different solutions. We do offer flexible payment plans, accept major credit cards and personal checks. We also do not take payment for the repairs until the job is complete.

In our opinion, the best foundation repair method is steel push piers. Steel push piers have incredible strength and permanently stop your foundation from differential settlement. They are slim and can reach dozens of feet into the earth in order to put your home on the supportive load-bearing strata. Our steel push piers come with a lifetime guarantee.

As a general rule, you should not expect your insurance to cover foundation repair. It’s always a good idea to talk to your insurance agent specifically about foundation repair. Ask them questions like whether they cover the repair of small foundation cracks, which foundation repair methods they cover and to what extent, or what has to cause the foundation damage in order for insurance to cover it. Usually, however, your insurance will not cover any foundation repair that is needed due to shifting soils causing differential settlement.

We offer flexible financing options on foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and concrete repair. You can learn more about it on our financing page.

We offer lifetime warranties on all of our foundation repair services in Nashville. We also offer lifetime warranties on all of our interior drain systems. These are no-hassle warranties that last the life of the structure. We understand that because of the nature of our work, warranty repairs are often necessary due to the continual shifting of the soil around your home.

In order to request a free foundation appointment, simply contact us through the website by filling out the form provided, or give us a call at 615-227-2275.

Your home will give you a variety of signals if it is undergoing foundation damage that needs to be addressed. Some of the key signs to look for include: sticking doors or windows, basement and crawl space leaks, cracked walls, sloping floors, and other blemishes.

The only way to know the best foundation repair solution for your home is to have an expert come assess the situation. Our Project Managers are experienced when it comes to identifying the causes of foundation problems and know the best type of solution to fix them.

Your entire home is dependent upon your foundation for support. A damaged foundation could lead to cracks in your roof and an entire collapse of your structure. Foundation problems definitely do not stay localized to the foundation itself. You should repair your damaged foundation in order to protect the investment you’ve made into your home.

Small, superficial cracks can appear in your walls after having your foundation repaired because it involves lifting the foundation back into its proper place, which can lead to additional settlement. These cracks are easily repaired, but we recommend waiting four to six weeks after the foundation repair has been completed before repairing cracks.  After this point, the new settlement should be completed and your home should be sitting securely again.

There are some situations where only a portion of your home’s foundation is settling and in need of being lifted back into place. Our steel push pier technology allows us to target the areas that need attention without disturbing the rest of the foundation.

Due to the fact that steel push piers are relatively slim, we have to do very little excavation around your home in order to get them installed. We do have to dig out some of the soil directly surrounding the foundation. We don’t need to bring in a lot of heavy equipment that would cause damage to your lawn or landscaping. Overall the repairs are not going to impact your landscaping unless there happen to be trees or shrubs in the direct path of our needed excavations.

At USS TN we work very hard to ensure your utilities are not affected or damaged by our repair work. We identify the utility locations ahead of time in an effort to prevent any damage from occurring. However, there is always a chance that some damage could happen. If it does, we will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Foundation repair is not a weekend DIY task. It requires specialized knowledge and equipment to be done correctly. While you can generally patch foundation cracks using a store-bought epoxy, that is not going to result in an actual repair to your foundation. You should always leave these types of major repairs to the professionals. That’s why we offer free, no-obligation estimates on our services.

You should expect our Project Managers to take about an hour and a half to perform a thorough foundation appointment.

We utilize a fast-acting polyurethane foam to perform concrete repairs. Concrete leveled with our PolyLift system can be walked on immediately once the repair has been completed. You can drive on your driveway after just 30 minutes.

Our preferred method for concrete repair is very fast. The length of time for the entire repair process will vary depending upon how much concrete needs to be repaired. The cure time for our patented PolyLift system is almost immediate.

The cost of your concrete repair will vary depending upon how much concrete needs to be lifted and how severe the damage is. The best way to find out the cost is to contact us for a free estimate on our services. We can let you know what solutions will be best and how much it is going to cost.

Your average hardware store is going to have a lot of different epoxies and other options for DIY concrete crack repair. However, these methods fail to address the underlying cause of your damaged concrete and instead are mostly just giving you a cosmetic repair.

We do not use mudjacking to level concrete. We believe it is an outdated method that doesn’t permanently keep concrete lifted. We use a special polyurethane foam that is much lighter than mudjacking.

Exterior concrete sinks because the soil beneath it has given way. Water saturates the soil, causing it to swell and press upward against the concrete. When the soil dries out, it shrinks again and leaves voids beneath the concrete slab that eventually the concrete falls into.

It is actually very rare for tree roots to cause any damage to your concrete, but in the rare case that it does happen, there are options. You can always cut the roots, though this could kill your tree if not done carefully by an experienced professional. Root barriers can be installed once the offending roots have been removed. You can also remove the entire tree.

Concrete appointments are straightforward. An experienced Project Manager will discuss the issues with you before they take a look at the affected concrete. They will assess the extent of the damage and determine a course of action that fits your needs and your budget.

The PolyLift system we use for concrete repair is a permanent solution for concrete lifting, unlike the more outdated mudjacking option that some companies still use. The unique polyurethane foam we use to lift concrete back into place is waterproof and very lightweight, meaning it won’t wash out and it won’t sink the way heavy concrete slurry does.

We guarantee all of our interior drainage systems and foundation wall repair with lifetime, no-hassle warranties. Call us for more information on guarantees for concrete lifting!

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