How much do you charge for an estimate?

Home repair estimates are free for the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced project manager to review your home’s needs.

How much will foundation repairs cost?

Because each home’s needs are different, an experienced project manager will visit your home to determine the scope of work needed. The project manager will then be able to tell you how much work, if work is needed, will be required on your home. They will provide you with a repair plan, with associated costs, based on their observations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced project manager to review your home’s needs.

What if I cannot afford to repair my home?

At USS, we are committed to making the process of repairing your home as convenient, affordable, and as painless as possible from start to finish. We understand that sometimes home repairs are an unplanned expense, and funding these expenses can be a challenge. That is why we offer a number of different payment options to help make the payment for your home and foundation repairs as convenient and painless as well.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks. We will also work with you during real estate transactions and insurance claims.

If you are interested in obtaining financing to fund your project, we have options available through EnerBank. The process is simple: One no hassle phone call with loan approval in minutes! Feel free to contact your project manager or call the office at 615-227-2275 for more information.

How long has USS been in business?

USS has proudly served Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky since 1994.

Is USS a franchise?

No. USS is locally owned and operated by president Chris Smith, founder Mike Smith, and co-owners Kenny Williams and Shannon Carter.

Who will do the repair work on my home?

From the moment you call, you’re in the hands of a friendly, supportive and caring team. Our experienced staff — from the customer service representatives to the project foremen — will help you navigate the foundation repair or basement waterproofing process. Put faces to names by meeting our team!

Where are you located?

United Structural Systems, Inc. is centrally located in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Pleasant View is approximately 20 miles north of Nashville and 20 miles south of Clarksville.

Why is my foundation settling?

Extreme moisture and drought conditions are the main causes of foundation failure. Soil swells during wet months and shrinks during dry months. This swelling and shrinking can create voids, or pockets of air in the soil. This allows settlement to occur. Other possible causes could be poor drainage, plumbing leaks, and non-compacted soils.

Why does USS recommend steel foundation underpinning?

We understand the geology of our region and we know the steel pile system for underpinning is extremely successful for stabilization. Learn more about our foundation repair process.

Will cracks completely close?

We strive for maximum closure, and the project foremen will stabilize the foundation to prevent further settlement. Cosmetic repair (remortaring/caulking) may be necessary and we will let you know if that is required.

Will this repair be permanent?

Although the earth’s movement below your house cannot be predicted, our stabilization system can! USS warrants the stability of foundation repair work for the lifetime of the structure. If you have questions about our warranties, please call us at 615-227-2275.

Will I have to relocate during repairs?

For foundation repair, you will not need to relocate or move anything inside your home. For basement waterproofing, some items may need to be moved out of the area of repair. Your project manager will inform you of any potential issues. Keep in mind there might be noise as repairs may require the use of light and/or heavy machinery.