Fix your home once and for all with frustration-free, transferrable warranties that last for life.

USS takes pride in serving the Nashville community. Our foundation repair warranties are simply stated, have no hidden clauses, and most repairs carry a lifetime guarantee. There’s no runaround when you — or your home’s new owner — call with a warranty question. If we did the repair, we’re committed to making it right.

Lifetime Warranties

We offer no-hassle lifetime warranties on our foundation wall repairs and interior drain system services in Nashville. Our foundation repair and waterproofing warranties are for the life of the structure. In the event of a sale, the warranties transfer to the new owners. In those cases, no processing fee is involved; the registered property owner can simply call USS to schedule warranty repairs. Limited warranties are provided for select repairs and are transferrable with no fee involved.

Find Out if You’re Covered

Dedicated Warranty Repair Department

At USS, we think of our foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete leveling customers as customers for life. That’s why we offer foundation repair and waterproofing warranties to our Nashville customers. Warranty repairs are often inevitable in our line of work — not as a result of workmanship negligence but due to continued changes in the subterrane beneath and surrounding your home. We have a veteran service team focused on warranty repairs so they can be booked and resolved in a timely fashion. Once our experienced warranty crew assesses the issue, we make the necessary repairs or adjustments until the problem is resolved. That’s the way home and contractor relations should be.

Don’t pay for the same repair twice. Work with someone who provides a true guarantee.