3 Reasons Why Concrete Slabs Settle

John Lombardi 2 by , Team Leader
Concrete Slabs Settling

A common question from a homeowner is “Why did my concrete settle?”.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your sidewalk sections are uneven, or one tilts upward. Your porch steps might have started rotating away from the home, or your pool deck has started sinking in certain sections. All of these scenarios can result from one of three ways.

Watch this week’s video blog with John Lombardi about why concrete slabs settle and sink:

To fix settled concrete slabs, learn about the concrete leveling process. USS uses a two part polyurethane foam will be pumped under your slab or structure to fill voids and raise concrete.

Concrete leveling and repair only takes a matter of minutes, has minimal impact on the area surrounding it, and the holes are dime-sized, unlike other forms of slab raising or leveling.

If you have questions about concrete leveling, contact United Structural Systems, Inc. today for a free evaluation and estimate at 615-227-2275 or contact us.

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