Concrete Driveway Leveling

Are you tired of all the cracks and bumps in your driveway? Is your driveway starting to sink or tilt? It’s time to call the concrete lifting experts in Bowling Green, for professional concrete driveway leveling and repair services. With our help, you can avoid the costly hassle of ripping out your concrete and pouring a new slab. Our concrete driveway lifting method is fast and delivers effective results with minimal disruption to your daily routine. A disheveled driveway can be unsightly, detract from your curb appeal and home value, and even be a tripping hazard to you and your family. Our Bowling Green-based concrete lifting team can get you squared away in no time.

It’s common for concrete slabs to sink or settle over time, and this is typically caused by the soil conditions underneath. If the soil wasn’t properly compacted or has been subjected to large fluctuations in moisture, it can shift and become uneven, causing the concrete above to drop in certain places. Concrete also tends to shrink slightly as it is exposed to the elements. These factors, combined with the heavy moving loads of cars, can result in tilting, sinking, and cracking. Thankfully, there are great repair options out there, including our innovative, expanding polyurethane foam. Using this PolyLift system, our Bowling Green experts can perform concrete driveway lifting in just a matter of minutes to stabilize your driveway.

Our PolyLift concrete leveling and repair service in Bowling Green is a simple and effective process that involves injecting a specialized expanding foam underneath your driveway. This is done through tiny holes in the slab. As the foam expands, it fills voids and quickly lifts the slab back into place. It cures in as little as 30 minutes, giving you a permanent hold. The PolyLift technique doesn’t require excavation and can save you thousands over a total driveway replacement.

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