Uneven Concrete

Our Sidewalk Leveling and Repair Services

Your home’s sidewalk says more about you than you may realize. If your walkways are sunken, uneven, or cracked, it can tank your curb appeal and even take away from your resale value. Plus, a damaged sidewalk, stoop, or walkway presents a trip and fall hazard that you could be liable for. Don’t ignore your dilapidated sidewalks any longer—contact USS in Columbia for concrete sidewalk leveling services today. Our team can restore your sidewalk with ease using the most reliable, cost-effective repair solutions on the market.

  • Driveway repair

  • Concrete step repair

  • Garage floor repair

  • Concrete floor repair

  • Concrete porch repair

  • Sidewalk repair

  • Pool deck repair

Reliable Sidewalk Repair

Depending on the state of your sidewalk, USS may be able to salvage what you have and save you the hassle of a total replacement. Often, our Columbia based concrete sidewalk repair contractors can lift and support your sidewalk with minimal demolition, thanks to the Polylift method. Other methods like mudjacking or slab replacement are expensive, disruptive, and costly, but Polylift offers great results in nearly no time at all. Reach out for a free inspection and one of our concrete repair specialists can see if your walkways are a good candidate for Polylift.

Concrete is one of the most common materials for walkways and sidewalks. It’s also prone to sinking over time, so the need for concrete sidewalk leveling services in Columbia has never been higher. However, it’s usually not the concrete itself that is the problem—it comes down to the quality of the soil underneath. Soils expand and contract with changes in moisture, and backfill soil is often inadequately compacted prior to pouring concrete. These factors result in erosion and air pockets, which affect the soil’s ability to bear heavy loads. Polylift is one of the only concrete sidewalk leveling techniques in Columbia that addresses this underlying cause, and it can prevent future settlement problems.

USS has been in business for over 30 years now, and we are your trusted name for concrete sidewalk leveling and repair. The Polylift process used by our Columbia based sidewalk repair contractors is extremely reliable, eco-friendly, and long lasting!

Let’s take care of that sidewalk before it gets worse. Reach out to USS today and schedule your free on-site inspection and repair estimate.