Basement Waterproofing

Excessive moisture can cause serious damage to your home, and it often starts in the basement. To make matters worse, moisture issues will often go unnoticed and remain undetected for several months or more. If you think you might have a problem, you should act quickly. Never ignore moisture issues in your basement.

Your basement will not dry on its own and it is likely to only get worse over time. Instead of waiting for the problem to fix itself, consult United Structural Systems basement waterproofing experts in Columbia to find the best waterproofing option for your home.

How Water Gets Into Your Basement

A wet basement can be caused by excess groundwater. Hydrostatic pressure will build up over time in the surrounding soil, pressing on your foundation walls to the point that they crack.

Water can build up around your home, eventually forcing its way in. This can be caused by a pipe leak or heavy rainfall if your home does not have adequate drainage.

If your downspout has been damaged or it was improperly installed, it can deposit rainwater directly in the soil around your foundation. This will contribute to hydrostatic pressures. Another common cause of water in the basement is leaky window wells.

Symptoms of Moisture Problems

There are several indicators that tell you if your basement is saturated with moisture. Look out for musty smells as well as wood rot and mildew growth. Watch for cracks in concrete floors and walls. You might also experience more severe allergic symptoms and higher energy bills.

How We Can Waterproof Your Basement

As a reliable basement waterproofing company serving Columbia, our experts will install an interior drainage system to protect your basement. This system will effectively collect and remove moisture relocating it away from your home. A combination of a sump pump and perimeter drainage system is the optimal solution to keep your basement dry and secure.

Free Estimates on Basement Waterproofing in Columbia, TN

If your home needs drainage and encapsulation, get in touch with United Structural System’s basement waterproofing services in Columbia for a free consultation today!