Uneven sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and patios can be inconvenient at best and dangerous liabilities at worst.

Concrete repair does not have to disrupt your life. A cost-effective way to address these potentially dangerous issues is Concrete Leveling — a convenient concrete repair alternative to the expensive and disruptive process of removing existing slabs and re-pouring new ones.

How to Level Uneven Concrete

Concrete repair for uneven slabs, sunken driveway repair, and sinking concrete can usually be solved by concrete leveling. Concrete leveling is sometimes simply called “concrete jacking,” although concrete leveling encompasses numerous methods of concrete repair services. 

Sinking Concrete Causes

New concrete slabs are poured on top of soil or loose gravel, which can shift over time, causing uneven and cracked concrete. If shifting soil has created a void, the sinking concrete above it can crack or slide into it, producing an uneven, sometimes dangerous, surface. Typically, United Structural Systems recommends raising concrete slabs with foam (sometimes called foam jacking) for concrete repair projects involving uneven slabs. 

Concrete leveling corrects uneven concrete by injecting polyurethane foam into the void caused by shifting soil or gravel, lifting the slab back into place and making your driveway, walkway and other concrete surfaces safer to drive and walk on. 

Using our proprietary PolyLift system, we inject the foam through small access holes drilled into the top of the concrete. After the holes are patched, leveled concrete can be walked on immediately and driveways can be driven on after 30 minutes. Concrete lifting with polyurethane is a fast, effective concrete repair method for sinking, uneven concrete slabs, sunken driveways, and sinking concrete sidewalks. 

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Concrete Leveling Costs

Your sunken driveway can be repaired rather than replaced. The concrete repair process known as concrete leveling or concrete jacking costs about half as much as concrete replacement and will not incur supplementary costs, such as new landscaping. 

Quotes and Cost

Quotes for concrete leveling largely depend on the size of the area and slab in question and are delivered on a cost-per-square-foot basis. The costs can also vary slightly based on the amount of foam needed and the length of the job. The good news is that these factors rarely have a significant effect on the price. 

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