Have you noticed that your concrete is sinking? Are you tired of tripping over cracks or uneven spots between the concrete slabs? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at USS, we can get your concrete lifted with ease. We are proud to be your local trusted concrete lifting company in Nashville. You can count on us for fast, friendly, and reliable service. Whether you are concerned about concrete damage at your home or your place of business, we can handle it. We use the most innovative methods in the industry to restore concrete in a way that is minimally invasive and cost-effective. In most cases, concrete lifting can be done without the need for massive demolition or total slab replacement — saving you headaches and money in the long run.

What Causes Concrete To Sink?

But why is your concrete sinking in the first place? This is, unfortunately, a very common occurrence, and it can result from a few different things that typically have to do with the soil. If the soil underneath the concrete wasn’t properly compacted before pouring, the soil can compress under the slab’s weight resulting in sinking. Likewise, poor quality soil can expand and contract dramatically during wet and dry cycles leading to shifting. Sometimes, improper drainage or sealing can leave the underlying soil exposed to water flow that results in erosion over time. Thankfully, our Nashville sinking concrete repair experts have the perfect solution—Polylift. This is a highly effective method of lifting concrete that uses expanding polyurethane foam to fill in the voids throughout the soil. With Polylift, we can lift your concrete slabs with minimal time and demolition. The foam hardens within minutes giving you lasting support.

USS is proud to use the Polylift method and can repair your concrete fast! It can be used to lift patios, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, concrete steps, porches, pool decks, and more! Want to learn more about our Nashville concrete repair solutions? Reach out and ask for your free estimate today.

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