Basement Drainage Systems: Protect Your Investment

One of the most important ways you can protect your home from water damage is to install proper drainage systems. This will redirect the water that would otherwise find its way into your basement. A wet basement can ruin the items you store in the basement and will eventually lead to structural problems with your entire home. At USS, our drainage contractors provide interior and exterior drain installations to basements across Nashville including all of Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama.

Interior drains, exterior drains, and more drainage options

There is no shortage of methods for you to turn to when it comes to basement waterproofing drainage solutions. You can find effective methods both for interior waterproofing (which captures the water that’s already seeped into your basement) and exterior waterproofing. Maybe you want to go the route of an extensive exterior drainage system that will redirect water away from your foundation walls. Whatever drainage system you choose, our Nashville drainage contractors can guide you through the process of discovering the perfect solution for your home’s unique needs.

Interior drain tiles and other interior drainage

Our Nashville drainage contractors can install an interior drain tile system that will collect the water trying to find its way into your basement and redirect it into your sump pit where the sump pump can safely remove the water before it becomes an issue. Our interior drain systems come with a lifetime warranty.

Exterior drainage options

One of the most-used exterior drainage for protecting your basement is the exterior drain system for removing groundwater. These gravel-filled trenches are fitted with pipes that divert water away from your home once it has soaked into the ground. Similar types of exterior drainage include trench drains – which are different because they are generally more effective at removing water that is still on the surface of the ground versus water that has soaked into the ground. Either of these can be referred to as perimeter drains depending upon how they are set up around your home.

United Structural Systems, Inc. is shown waterproofing the interior of a home by covering drain pipes that are connected to a sump pump.

Call today for a free estimate on drainage solutions

When it comes to choosing the best drainage system or systems for your home, you can trust our Nashville drainage contractors at United Structural Systems to provide you with the best information. We even provide a free, no-obligation estimate on what would work best for your home. Call us at 615-227-2275 to learn more!