Pier Systems for Structural Issues in Clarksville

USS offers foundation and helical pier installation services to Clarksville homeowners. Our team of foundation experts has worked with home and business owners for nearly 30 years, giving them priceless peace of mind. We know how stressful foundation problems can be, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced repair team. In our three decades of industry work, we’ve mastered the best repair methods and products on the market, and we can lift, level, and secure your home’s foundation. 

We only utilize the most reliable methods in our work, which is why we often use foundation piers. Piers are considered to be the gold standard for both new foundations and existing structures. Piers are praised for their durability and longevity.

Foundation piers are long metal shafts that are driven into the soil, reaching deep into the load-bearing soils under and around a structure. This provides a more solid anchor for the foundation and evenly distributes its weight. These piers are placed in strategic positions around the foundation and connect to the house or commercial building via metal brackets. Foundation piers are cost-effective and can prevent future settlement problems. Also, piers aren’t just for stabilizing whole foundations. At times, they can be used to repair and support concrete structures, such as steps and porches.

We typically work with two main styles of foundation piers in Clarksville:

  • Push piers—like nails, these straight metal rods are pushed directly down into the ground
  • Helical piers—like screws, these rods feature helical plates on one end that allow rotation into the ground

Our team of  foundation and helical pier installation specialists in Clarksville  can recommend the best type of pier for your situation, along with the correct arrangement and number of piers for optimal stability. We always perform a thorough assessment before giving you an honest price quote for pier installation. USS is here to help you make the best investment in your property, period.

Reach out to speak with our Clarksville based push pier and foundation pier contractors and set up your free on-site inspection!

Foundation Piers

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