Bowing Wall Repair

If you’ve recently gone down to your basement only to find that your foundation walls are tilting inward, your home is experiencing serious foundation issues. Don’t panic! The foundation experts at United Structural Systems have the knowledge, expertise, and foundation support products to repair your bowing walls.

What Causes Bowing Walls?

Hydrostatic pressure is the leading cause of bowing foundation walls. When the soil surrounding your foundation fills with water, it can swell and expand. If that water freezes, it can expand even more. The pressure created by this expansion is lateral, pressing against your foundation walls and forcing them inward.

The problem is that foundation walls are designed to handle vertical loads only. They don’t have the strength to compensate for the intense pressure of swelling soils.

Over time, hydrostatic pressure will crack your foundation walls and force them to tilt or bow inward. If enough time passes without you addressing the issue, it’s possible for your walls to collapse entirely.

How We Repair Bowing Walls

The best way to repair bowing walls is to create a support system for them that can help them resist lateral pressures. Using carbon fiber straps and steel I-beams, our crew can construct a solution for any issue with bowing walls.

These solutions are less invasive than external anchors and provide excellent support against lateral forces, ensuring that your home receives the additional support it requires without any excess disturbance to the surrounding property.

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