Bowing Basement Wall Repair

It’s one of the worst nightmares for homeowners. You walk into your basement and find that the foundation walls are tilting and bowing inward. It is obvious you have foundation problems. Do not panic. Call the top professional foundation company in Pleasant View. United Structural Systems has the experience and knowledge to repair your bowing basement walls or any other home foundation problems.

Tennessee Bowing Basement Wall Repair | Foundation Company

What Causes Bowing Basement Walls?

These types of problems are caused by hydrostatic pressure. Excessive moisture can cause soil to expand around basement walls. If it freezes, it will also expand further. These external forces exert lateral pressure on your foundation walls, pushing them inward.

Foundation walls are not designed to withstand pressure from the sides; they are designed to handle vertical loads. They don’t have the structural integrity to withstand the pressure of expanding soil.

Hydrostatic pressure can cause foundation walls to bow inward if not addressed. Your foundation walls may completely collapse if you don’t resolve this issue right away.

How We Repair Bowing Walls

Our Pleasant View foundation company creates a new support system to combat the lateral pressure that causes foundation walls to bow. Our foundation specialists use steel I-beams and carbon fiber straps to strengthen your foundation and prevent basement walls from cracking, bowing, or tilting.

Our solutions are more discreet than wall anchors, and homeowners prefer our elegant solution for tilting foundation walls. Without affecting the exterior of your home, we can provide industry-leading support for your foundation walls against lateral forces.

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