The bedrock under most homes in Murfreesboro is less than eight feet below, but the soil in Rutherford County is the same loamy material found in the rest of the Nashville area. This means that homes in Murfreesboro — both old and new — can be vulnerable to differential foundation settlement, which can lead to structural issues and water penetration.

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Old and New Neighborhoods

Murfreesboro has many older homes in the city center around MTSU. While most of these historic houses are extremely well built, their foundations can wear after enduring decades of seasonal moisture changes. Meanwhile, newer developments on either side of I-24 have been constructed on farmland, making them vulnerable to foundation cracks and water penetration as the once-tilled soil expands and contracts under new conditions.

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Our Work in Murfreesboro

As Murfreesboro has grown at a steady clip over the last 20 years, United Structural Systems, Inc. has performed foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete leveling work throughout the Barfield, Blackman, Dillton, Kittrell, Leanna, Mankinville, Mount Olive, Overall, Patterson, Rockdale, and Shiloh neighborhoods, among others. We have enjoyed being a part of the ’Boro’s growth and are happy to help homeowners in the area restore their houses and create a better quality of life in the process.

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Photo Credit: Stephen Drake