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Foundation Repair Services

The bedrock under most homes in Murfreesboro is less than eight feet below the surface, but the soil in Rutherford County is the same loamy material found in the rest of the Nashville area. This means that homes in Murfreesboro — both old and new — can be vulnerable to differential foundation settlement, which can lead to structural issues and water penetration.
For foundation repair in Murfreesboro, contact United Structural Systems, Inc. We are the leading foundation company in Murfreesboro, TN and have extensive knowledge of the kinds of foundation issues found in the town and the surrounding region as well as expertise in various other services that are meant to keep your home safe, stable, and dry.

List of Services

  • Foundation Repair – Rutherford County lies near the Highland Rim, therefore, the soil composition and geographic features vary more than in other areas of Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. These are the things USS takes into account when evaluating your home’s need for foundation repair and which foundation repair methods will work best for you.
  • Basement Waterproofing – Water always finds a way to keep moving until it meets something truly impenetrable. Our basement waterproofing services will make sure your basement’s perimeter is impenetrable by water.
  • Concrete Leveling & Concrete Repair – Don’t tear up the whole slab and replace it, let us level and repair your concrete with our proprietary PolyLift system.
  • Brick & Lintel Repair – Brick facades add ageless beauty to any home unless of course, the brick is in need of repair. And don’t let a saggy, damaged lintel over your garage door lead to further damage.
  • Commercial Division – At USS we are so much more than homes. Our commercial division has done work for major commercial ventures throughout Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama region.

Our Work in Murfreesboro

As Murfreesboro has grown at a steady clip over the last 20 years, United Structural Systems, Inc. has performed foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete leveling work throughout the Barfield, Blackman, Dillton, Kittrell, Leanna, Mankinville, Mount Olive, Overall, Patterson, Rockdale, and Shiloh neighborhoods, among others. We have enjoyed being a part of the ’Boro’s growth and are happy to help homeowners in the area to restore their houses and create a better quality of life in the process. So many of the older homes in the city center around MTSU, while extremely well-built, are still sitting on foundations that have weathered decades of seasonal moisture changes that leave the surrounding soils weak and unable to support them. And newer development on both sides of I-24 has been constructed on farmland, thereby leaving them susceptible to foundation cracks and water penetration due to the imminent changes that occur in farmland soil.

Is the foundation of your home in need of a little help or major repair? Contact United Structural Systems, Inc. for a free evaluation.


Photo Credit: Stephen Drake