Don’t let your unsightly cracked concrete go from a simple eyesore to a dangerous liability. If you’ve been letting uneven, cracked concrete sidewalks, slabs, and patios go untouched because you figure the only way to fix it is to do a full replacement, USS would like to introduce you to our concrete leveling and concrete repair services.

Concrete Lifting or Concrete Jacking

We find that a full concrete replacement is rarely the best option for our customers in Murfreesboro and instead we usually recommend our proprietary PolyLift system to lift the concrete back into place and create a level, safe surface. This process is called foam jacking or foam leveling and it is much lower impact and quicker than other methods of concrete jacking. The foam is injected at high pressure into small holes we drill into the concrete. Once injected, air bubbles within the polymer expand into the voids left by shifting soil and lift the slab back into place. Once this process is complete, you can walk on sidewalks immediately and drive on repaired concrete after half an hour.

Why Does Concrete Sink?

Concrete slabs sink for much the same reason your home foundation does. New concrete is poured over soil or loose gravel that shifts over time from underneath the slab, causing it to heave and break. Sometimes the shifting of the soil can create voids beneath the slab that it can crack and sink into. Whatever the cause is, cracked concrete is a tripping hazard and is likely not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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