Whether you are restoring an older house or moving into one of the newer subdivisions surrounding Nashville, your home may be in need of foundation repair, waterproofing, or concrete leveling. Structural issues can be caused by age but they emerge primarily due to shifting soil.

Shifting Soil in Nashville

The ground that supports Nashville homes is subject to a lot of expansion and contraction throughout the seasons, which can servery compromise your foundation. With Springtime rains and Summer humidity, the soil expands. Then, in Fall and Winter, it dries out and contracts. Couple this with the clay-filled soil composition that comes with being a river city and you end up with ground that exhibits a certain degree of instability, leading to foundation issues, water penetration, and uneven concrete slabs.

Foundation repair in Nashville requires an understanding of the soil in the region and the unique construction present in the homes built over the decades. United Structural Systems, Inc. is a knowledgeable, trusted foundation company in Nashville.

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Foundation Repair in Nashville

For the last 25 years, United Structural Systems, Inc. has performed residential foundation repair and waterproofing work all across Nashville, including the neighborhoods of Belle Meade, Belmont, Crieve Hall, Donelson, East Nashville, Germantown, Green Hills, Inglewood, Old Hickory, and Sylvan Park, to name a few. With over 11,000 satisfied customers, we like to think we have played our part in Nashville’s ongoing growth and restoration.

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