Uneven Concrete

Our Concrete Leveling and Repair Services

Is your home’s sidewalk looking a little worse for wear? Are you tired of tripping over cracks or uneven slabs? USS is here to help! Our team of concrete leveling and lifting experts in Nashville offers innovative sidewalk and walkway repair solutions. Fixing a damaged sidewalk is more important than you may think—it’s not only an eyesore that detracts from your home value, but it can also be a dangerous tripping hazard! Thankfully, USS has the skill and experience needed to repair it with ease.

There are many approaches to concrete leveling and lifting in Nashville, and too many people think they need to rip out their old sidewalk and replace it with a new one. However, this is expensive and time-consuming, and not necessary in many cases. With our Polylift method, USS can often salvage a settling or uneven sidewalk without the need for total replacement. Polylift is an innovative technique that uses expanding polyurethane foam, offering cleaner and faster results than other options.

We offer the following concrete leveling and repair services:

  • Driveway repair

  • Concrete step repair

  • Garage floor repair

  • Concrete floor repair

  • Concrete porch repair

  • Sidewalk repair

  • Pool deck repair

PolyLift System

Concrete is a durable and popular material for sidewalks, but it is prone to sinking over time. However, this isn’t due to the concrete itself! A sinking, settling, tilting, or cracking sidewalk is most likely due to poor soil conditions under the slab. Soil expands and contracts as moisture levels change, which creates air pockets and uneven support of the concrete. Most sidewalk and walkway repair methods in Nashville don’t address this root cause, but Polylift does. Polylift can deliver lasting results and prevent future settling.

USS is one of the most trusted names in concrete leveling and lifting in Nashville, with over 30 years of experience. We stand by our Polylift concrete leveling for its durability, easy installation, eco-friendly material, and fast cure times.

When you are ready to finally address your unsightly sidewalk, give us a call and ask for your free estimate! USS is known for our prompt and friendly service, and we can handle any kind of concrete leveling and lifting job in Nashville.

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